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VA SNF Needs Analysis -Final_10.3.18.pdf


The Level I and II studies are almost done; we should have them out in the next few days. In the mean time, we have our presentation for Legislative audiences here.


The study team has determined that the top three sites from the Level I process will continue with Level II planning. These sites are Buffalo, Casper and Sheridan.

Level II work sessions have been scheduled, and can be seen on the calendar.


Our public meetings are complete. We will keep open the online survey until July 31st, after which we'll begin analyzing the data. If you have any responses to the survey, please submit them by that date (next Tuesday).

Thanks much for your input!


We've held the first week of our second round of cities:

  • Gillette (7/10/18)
  • Buffalo and Sheridan (7/11/18)

This week, we'll hold meetings in:

  • Laramie (7/16/18)
  • Cheyenne (7/16/18)
  • Lander and Riverton (7/17/18)
  • Casper (7/18)


The Level I/II study was formally procured last week. The contractor doing the work will be MOA Architecture. We have penciled out some dates for the next series of town hall meetings at the following locations:

  • Gillette (7/10/18)
  • Buffalo and Sheridan (7/11/18)
  • Cheyenne (7/16/18)
  • Lander and Riverton (7/17/18)
  • Casper (7/18)

Stay tuned to the calendar for more details.


Updates from Health, the Veterans' Commission, and the Construction Department:

  • We're gearing up for meetings in Laramie and Cheyenne at the end of this week. Check the Calendar link for details.
  • Contractor interviews for the Level I and II will be held at the end of the month.

Updates to this site:

  • "View feedback" page changed to incorporate comment timestamps and order by most recent.
  • "Glossary" section added to the end of the "About" page.
  • Lander and Cheyenne meeting notes added (Documents)